How the Advertisements Influence the Customers and Monitor Their Buying Behavior

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Sex in advertising Pages: 5 (1850 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Research Proposition:
How the advertisements influence the customers and monitor their buying behavior. There is high impact of advertisements on customers’ motivation. Literature review:
In the context of the research proposition, an extensive literature review has been done. The impact of advertisements on customers motivation has been reviewed in the light of research work already been carried out by researchers. Hyphen (2008) argues that the advertisers actually “hypnotize” the viewers. Hypnotization is a process in which a person own thinking and ideology does not remain there. Instead he starts believing in others views, behaving like a puppet. It is a very natural phenomenon that if a person is consistently made to believe in a certain proposition by giving him different arguments, attracting him by showing false dreams and targeting his weak points, then this strategy would definitely start working and the person would automatically be forced to change his beliefs. Same is what marketers do. They are hypnotizers as after taking the people into the world of colors, fantasies and dreams, they make them to believe in whatever they want to! Levit (2005) debates that the impact of an advertisement is enhanced with the addition of sexual content in it. Sexual content can be in the form of images, videos or words, powerful enough to derive the viewer emotions. The attraction of someone towards the opposite gender is not something astonishing, infact it’s a natural phenomenon. So, when anything related to sex is shown in the advertisements, it at once draws customer attention and may become the reason to provoke the viewer by playing with his sexual needs and hence motivating him to purchase the advertised product. Kasper (2005) gave the logic of companies spending billion of dollars on advertisements and people easily becoming the victim of their advertising strategies. He reasons that the whole game is of visualization. Whatever people visualize in their dreams, they want to see it to come into reality. This role is played by advertisements, as they show the dreams of people fulfille, just by the use of the advertised product. It triggers their imagination and they are convinced by the message conveyed in the advertisement. In a research conducted by Buijzen, Moniek; Valkenburg and Patti.M (2000), three effects were stated that are made by advertisements. First is cognitive, which makes the children to distinguish between advertisements and television programs. Second is effective, due to which children start critically analyzing the advertisements and finally behavioral, under which influence the children are easily persuaded by advertisements. They prefer the advertised products over the unadvertised ones, leading them to choose that specific product to purchase. Stoles (2007) states two examples in supporting the argument that no matter how much intense and violent the feelings of people are towards a particular product, when a popular celebrity in an advertisement motivates the people to use that product, they easily get influenced by that advertisement and they get ready to buy that product. The use of Amitabh Bachan in Cadbury advertisements in order to recover from the worms controversy and showing Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar in the Coca cola and Pepsico advertisements are the vibrant examples, which show that how strongly these advertisements changed people views about these products and made them to purchase these products despite of all controversy. Nambler (2000) confers another strategy that is adopted by the marketers to motivate the customers to buy their products, which is targeting the viewers by the use of physical beauty in the advertisements. The viewers are bombarded with the advertisements conveying the message that physical appearance determines the worth of a person and they can attain it only by the usage of their product. “Thinness” is specified as criteria for females’...

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