How Technology Helps in Communication

Topics: Language, Communication, Writing Pages: 4 (1076 words) Published: June 11, 2013
How Modern Technology Helps in Communication?

A Course Paper


Ranjit Kumar Jha

Submitted to

Lecturar. Mabindra Regmi

In the fulfillment of the course in titled Applied Linguistics in Masters in English Language Teaching

Kathmandu University
School of Education

Balkumari , Lalitpur


If we talk about what are the tools that we can use in developing communication, than I say that “technology is one of the tools that we can use for communication”. Worlds are globalizing, we cannot depend on only one medium. We are lucky to have science gift that is technology. Communicating involves giving, receiving and making sense of information. Children do this by using non-verbal means of communication, talking, listening, thinking, and understanding. In time, the skills of reading and writing enrich this experience. Communicating is a two-way activity; as well as learning to share their experiences with others children also learn to interpret what others are sharing with them. They communicate in many different ways including facial expressions, gestures, body movements, sounds, language and for some children, through assistive technology. Children’s language is more than words, phrases and sentences. It includes art, Braille, dance, drama, music, poetry, pictures, sculpture, signing, and stories. While most children eventually master spoken and written language as their key means of communicating, they continue to speak through their gestures, body movements and expressions to a greater or lesser extent. Some children with special educational needs may need additional and consistent support throughout their lifetime to practise, learn and perfect the art of non-verbal communication. Language technologies are information technologies that are specialized for dealing with the most...
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