How Technology Affects Family Interaction

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Family Relations
Research Assignment
How Technology Impacts family Interaction
Researched and Written By: Rick Luebbert

Technology has had a profound effect on the modern family. This research paper will explore how technology has a specific impact on the way families interact with each other. The technological advances of home computers and cell phones are just a few of the things that have transformed the way families interact and communicate with one another. Technology will continue to change the landscape of how the modern family networks together. Technology gives us the opportunity to communicate with people around the world through a computer screen as if the person were right in front of you. Although, this technology makes communicating easier it has negative effects on the families as well. This electronic wave of communicating has been a detriment to the development of certain face to face social skills that children need as they grow up. The vast amount of information that is attainable from the internet and the education and entertainment provided by television are wonderful breakthroughs of applied science that will forever be a part of our lives. These changes have altered the way families interact with one another. Technology effects the communicational interaction in families by impacting the social development of children and the relationship that they share together with their parents and siblings. I have sat down with and interviewed eight families and asked them about what they observed in the role technology as influenced their social connection with each other. Every family had positive and negative opinions on the issue. When speaking to each family, most of them also spoke about rules and guidelines they would implement to try and prevent any negative impacts that this issue could affect their families. Each family also had many positive things to say about technology’s impact on their family’s ability to communicate and interact with one another.

Technology and applied sciences are not slowing down in our culture anytime soon. In fact, technology will continue to shape the way families communicate with each other. When I grew up from ages 3-12 years old video games began to become more and more popular. Before video games were popular television had already been impacting the ways families interacted with each other on a daily basis. It was not until I was in middle school that my family had a computer with the internet in our home. We did not have cellular telephones until we were in high school. In my family’s experience we embraced the technological advances at every step. My family was not interested in playing video games but we watched television regularly and used the computer and internet to enhance our knowledge more independently. All of these advances in technology impacted my family differently as they were introduced over time. In today’s modern age technology is everywhere.

Parents have a difficult job to do when raising their children. They have to educate and teach their children aspects of social interaction. Children learn these aspects by experiencing them with their parents and family members on a day to day basis. They are driven into the minds of children through face to face interaction and activity. It is what we consider as growing up and or maturing from early childhood to our adolescent development. The traits that we derive from our social experiences shape our personalities and the way we socially interact with people. No family is exactly alike, which makes us all unique individuals. The social skills that children and adolescents develop over their early years will have a profound impact in the way they socially interact with society when they transition from adolescent youths to early and middle adulthood and then into later adulthood. These social skills are the building blocks that parents have the job of teaching their children to...

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