How technologies effect our society

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How technologies effect our society?
Technology advances is increasingly introduced into our lives. Technology is the internet, electronic items, and cars, among others. Technology has helped in different ways such as in education, industry, medicine and so on. However, the excessive use of technology has its disadvantages. Many people do not realize that technology negatively affects society and has complicated life in several different ways. Technology has affected relationships with family, education, environment and people’s health. Technology has affected and benefited education in several ways. The benefits it has provided to us are the facilities to keep us informed, to communicate with teachers, use our books our attend classes through internet. Although it provides important benefits outweigh the negative effects. There are several negative effects caused by technology. The technology affects writing as they cut the words as they do texting. Students are distracted by electronic devices such as cell phone or tablet. In addition, excessive use of these objects is weakening the memory of people causing severe memory problems and several serious diseases on health. According to Dr. Michael Rich health problem caused by technology have increased as the years pass. People pay dearly for relying on social networks, games and TV. The Internet has become like he air to breathe, the water to drink for children (Rich, par.7). This dependence seems to be cause of several serious health problems such as sleep deprivation, vision problems, obesity, cancer, and so on (Technology and Health Problems, part 1). In addition, technology has also made people lazy because technology facilitates most of the things in our daily lives. Although the use of technology in our health system has advanced medical treatments and machines that have reduced the risk to human life as they perform dangerous work instead of human beings, there are still robots that can create risk...

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