How Susan Hill Introduces and Develops Arthur Kipps in the "Woman in Black"

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, World War II Pages: 4 (1274 words) Published: August 7, 2013
Did the Jews resist the Holocaust?

Even before the Holocaust, (World War 2 1937-1939) Jews and many other races were being discriminated against for no apparent reason. The holocaust was a tragic event in history of Germany and many other branching countries. Approximately 11 million lives’ were taken because of Adolf Hitler’s arrogance and racial prejudice towards the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and mentally disabled or ill. Hitler set up concentration camps with one goal, to exterminate their existence so they would never have enough numbers to pass on the genes and upset the ‘perfect race’. While the concentration camps were running, the Nazis set up ‘ghettos’ where the Jews or anyone outside the perfect race would live. The ghettos we horrible, tens of thousands had died from starvation and disease. As the years went on and Hitler gained status the Jews and the Germans were separated to extend where they could barely get within 10 meters of one another. It got so bad Jewish children soon could not go to school or participate in any other activity with no Jewish children. Jewish businesses were forced to be closed, while Jewish temples were burned and vandalized so badly that they were barely left standing. There are many reasons why the Jews unfortunately have been the most discriminated and categorized race in the world. Economically the Jews have always been a threat; this is because during 17th-20th century in Poland and Russia, the Jews were extremely poor and contributed nothing towards the county, they also had no influence on the community or country. They also claim that they are the chosen people and god is by their side before others. One of the main reasons for their discriminated and the murdering of over 11 million humans are because they are thought to at fault for the death of Jesus.4 When Germany lost World War 1, Hitler placed the blame on the Jews. Although the Jews had no connection with WW1 and the loss, they were blamed just because of...
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