How Susan Hill Introduces and Develops Arthur Kipps in the "Woman in Black"

Topics: Ghost, Man, Lollipop Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: October 2, 2012
How does Hill introduce and develop Kipps
Susan Hill introduces Arthur Kipps as an Old man. Living tucked away in a nice house in the countryside with a large loving family around him Kipps is the image of a man who has had a comfortable life with no bumps in the road. He is a man of habit and finds pleasure in knowing that everything is how it should be, under control. He looks back at himself as a young man and his experience in Eel Marsh House. When Kipps takes the journey to Eel Marsh House he is a young man who’s main ambition in life is to rise higher in his accountancy firm and to live a comfortable life. He has a dull personality, who doesn’t get worried easily nor let’s himself get distracted. “But I was, in those days of my youth, a sturdy, commmonsensical fellow, and I felt no uneasiness or apprehension whatsoever”. His work is important to him and it makes him feel good about himself and self-important “For I must confess I had the Londoners sense of superiority in those days, the half-formed belief that countrymen, and particularly those who inhabited the remoter parts of our island, were more superstitious, more gullible, more slow-witted, unsophisticated and primitive than we cosmopolitans”.He is confident of himself and believes to be too “well-educated” to allow himself to believe in superstitious rubbish like ghosts. But even though he is almost snobbish he is still alert and aware of his surroundings, as he notices immediately when a woman all in Black enters the parish at the funeral of Mrs.Drablow but when mentioning her to Mr.Jerome he is too naive enough to notice that Mr.Jerome wasn’t suffering from ill-health but rather suffering from shock. The moment that Kipps arrives at Eel marsh house his view towards ghosts changes completely, he starts doubting his stubbornness and the fact that he had thought the stories were rubbish before “I did not believe in ghosts. Or rather, until this day, I had not done so, and whatever stories I had...
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