How Successful Is Exposure as a Transformation of Othello?

Topics: Othello, William Shakespeare, Jealousy Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: May 6, 2012

Mal Peet I believe has successfully transformed Othello into a 'modern day tragedy', Exposure. He uses many similar characters, with many of the same personalities/motives. The two texts also explore many of the same themes, such as the outsider, racism and reputation. Mal Peet puts a modern spin on the tale.

The two texts portray and explore the main themes through different structures and language features. Othello by William Shakespeare, written in the 17th century when the main focus of plays were their rich language. Peet uses colloquial language which grabs the modern day readers attention and sets it apart from Othello "It sucks man". The narrative of Othello doesn't venture from the main plot, whereas in Exposure there are many distractions and less significant sub-plots. Mal Peet uses things such as emails and newspaper articles to tell the story "OTELLO MINDER ARRESTED". He emphasises the influence media has on the western society. This text is also narrated in third person which allows the reader to better connect with the characters and understand their thoughts and motivations. Both Texts also use dramatic irony, mainly used to reveal to the audience Iago/Diego's plans " to be suspected, framed to make women false". The different language features in the texts help to set the context of the story.

In both texts Othello/Otello is seen as an 'outsider'. In Othello Desdemona comes from a rich family, and when she falls in love with Othello, the outsider, her racist father is far from happy. Although he is seen as a "Valiant Moor" Brabantio doesn't believe he is good enough for his daughter "Our house is not a grange". After being sent from Venice the civilised sophisticated city, to the border of barbaric land of Cyprus, Othello becomes vulnerable this gives Iago an even bigger advantage. The metaphor "that green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on",...
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