How Success Is a Result of Commitment and Hard Work ?

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Have you ever heard hugely successful actors, businessmen or athletes interviewed? You may have been surprised to hear about some of the struggles they encountered on their path to success. It's true that the path to success is not a straight line. In fact, success is largely the result of both commitment and hard work. * Why commitment is required

Commitment is key to becoming successful. First and foremost, that commitment is often to a strong work ethic, openness to learning and a strong drive to do the best you can. Commitment, in essence, is required on many levels. If you have a dream, you will need to be committed to doing the many things it may take to reach that dream. Real success will not come overnight. There are often bumps along the way, but those who are committed to their vision or mission will stay the course. They will figure out how to conquer certain challenges. They do not quit when the going gets rough. Successful people also learn how to react to situations in a healthy way. That means that they learn from the mistakes they make, and are humble about their wins. Those who are committed are able to see the big picture, and are patient in getting there. There may be lots of mundane or unpleasant things to be done on the way toward that big picture. Successful people can take that in stride. * Why hard work is a must

Hard work is also necessary for real success. Even those born with a silver spoon will not be able to maintain success without hard work. Hard work means that you are willing to put in your dues, and you understand that. Through applying yourself and gaining experience, you will learn many life lessons that are not taught in school. These life lessons will later become important for other challenges down the road. Hard work also gives you perspective. You are able to realize that most of the best things in life do not come easily. It is, therefore, through a combination of commitment and hard work that most people realize...
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