How Society Views Abortion

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Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice

How Society Views Abortion?

Natasha M. Stone

November 14, 2007

Professor Tobaccowala

Social Issues

Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice

There is a big controversy in today’s society on the topic pro-life vs. pro-choice (abortion). There are different ways in which society may view abortion, the focus of my paper will be to speak about on religious views on abortion and their beliefs, the governments take on abortion and the steps they are taking to help make this topic fit everyone and the statistics on it. Abortion is the process in which a woman bearing a child makes a decision that she does not want to give birth to a child. There are a lot of reasons that will follow a woman making such a crucial, devastating decision in her life. One main reason is that she is not yet ready to take on the role of becoming responsible for another human being. Another maybe that she is not financially ready to help support a child and give them the love and the care that they may need to progress in life.

Religious believers all have the same one belief that everything you need to know about in life came straight from God himself. The Bible makes it clear enough that abortion is murder because a life has been formed and it begins its life in the womb. Looking into bible teachings God says that it is a crime to take the life of an innocent individual. It is looked upon in the eyes of Christian believers as a sin. Many believe that God will forgive them, but abortion is not an option for an unwanted pregnancy. As one of the Ten Commandments clearly states, “Thou shalt not kill.” Exodus 20:13. Abortion is not done by accident it is done by a medical professional intentionally terminating the life of another human being.

Religious leader’s state that the fetus of a woman is not a diseased tumor that needs to needs removed. The human fetus gets a heart beat at seven weeks and at three months organs begin to form and are almost beginning to function. Medical facts state that within three weeks, the brain, heart and spinal cord are developing. Religious leaders believe that it is sin regardless of when the fetus is removed from the woman’s body. They believe that humans are not just made humans, but they are carefully made by God in the womb. Religious leader’s say the Bible makes it clear that life begins in the womb at conception. The Psalmist states that God knew him while he was in his mother’s womb. They state that there is no difference in aborting a child like making the decision to stab or shoot an adult.

Religious believers believe that mothers have to understand that do not have the choice on weather or not they abort their child. There are other options. If a mother feels as though she can not bear responsibility for another child they can always give that child up for adoption, instead of taking that child’s life give that child a chance to live and have life. Abortion pro-life feminist and Christians in the nineteenth century were strongly against the act of killing unborn babies because of the belief in the worth of all human beings. They strongly opposed abortion even though it was clear that they were damages done to a woman that constantly were bearing children. Even in those times almost half of the children born in the time died before they were five.

Many women grieve after an abortion which they really have no reason to grieve because they never actually gave birth to the child. Christians believe that the loss of a baby, which is what abortion pro-life feminist and Christians know an embryo is, would conclude that there was a baby and the baby was killed, which is not the case. Parents of aborted babies have no memory of the child, no pictures, the have anything to remember the child by. In a sense they did not love that baby for love would not cause you to end their life before they could even live it.

God is the giver of life and death, not the pregnant mother of...

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