How small groups can be made to work

Topics: The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki, Space Shuttle Columbia disaster Pages: 3 (1565 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Ms. I ENC 1101 6 October 2011 Culture and the Columbia Among all the items on todays extinction lists, groups will never make an appearance. This concept can be witnessed among animals and people alike in schools, in the work atmosphere, in local facilities such as malls and restaurants, and even in the home. While the appearance of small groups on the rise, their possibility of functioning properly steadily declines. Consequently, failure to cooperate may result in members working against each other or even leader dominance. More often than not, groups do not collaborate to meet common goals due to negative psychological influences. How can small groups be made to work Author James Surowiecki delineates the answer. As an editor, a columnist for The New Yorkers, and a renowned publicist, James Surowiecki outlines strategies that should be utilized in order to make small groups function properly in his book The Wisdom of Crowds. In his book excerpt, Committees, Juries, and Teams The Columbia Disaster and How Small Groups Can Be Made to Work Surowiecki depicts the tendency of group centralization by providing the case of the Columbia Disaster. With that said, Rebekah Nathan introduces some more thoughts to be considered. In her book, My Freshman Year, she trades her anthropology professor title at North Arizona University to surreptitiously play the role of an in-coming freshman student. After a full school years study, she published her thoughts and observations into this book. In the fragment of her book, Community and Diversity, she indicates the aspects of individuality, the bigger community, and the roles they play in the university setting. Both Surowiecki and Nathan utilize diversity as a primary ingredient for a cohesively functioning group. In order to assuage the negative possibilities resulting from communities and small groups, members must welcome diversity, accurately communicate, have open-minded discussion, and anticipate the influence of...
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