How Sm Jaleel Went Global

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SM jaleel Company in trinidad diversification of its products


Ministry of Trade and Industry
Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Developed by: The Food & Beverage Industry Team
Report Preparation: Arnold Babwah

May, 2005

The conceptual framework for this document is the result of a partnership approach between public sector agencies and the private sector. It attempts, within the context of the 2020 VISION for national development, to outline what must be done – given the current national, regional, and global situation - and seeks to make the most of the strengths and opportunities of the Food and Beverage Processing Industry while minimising the weaknesses and eliminating or reducing the threats.

In presenting the case for energising and sustaining the Food and Beverage Processing Industry, the document first reports on the findings of an Environmental Scan. This is presented in Sections 1 and 2 and makes reference to Global and Regional Trends and the International Best Practices.

Section 3 details the current situation in Trinidad and Tobago focusing on Structure and Performance.

The major challenges of the Industry are presented in Section 4. To set the context for the recommendations, a SWOT Analysis of the local Industry was undertaken. These are described in Section 5.

The 2020 Vision for the Industry is set out in Section 6 with the Recommendations themselves itemised at Section 7 and then summarised in the Matrix at Appendix One.

The Survey of institutions and companies is presented at Appendix Two. Finally information sources are identified in the Bibliography.


This document was put together with the assistance of many persons and entities. Sincere thanks are due to the following individuals and companies / institutions:

Allister Glean : Caribbean Agribusiness Association (CABA) Barry Joefield : Ministry of Agriculture, Land & Marine Resources Brian Tangwell : EXIMBANK C. Williams : Ministry of Agriculture, Land & Marine Resources Carol Brown : Carol’s Delights Customs & Excise Division Damian Castagne : Unilever Caribbean Limited Deborah Francis : Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture Don Gaskin : Nestle Trinidad and Tobago Limited Dindial Sikumar : D'Farmers Co. Ltd Earlyn Sambury : Agricultural Development Bank Ian Leong Poi : Erin Farm Limited Ks Preserves Martin Battersby : S.M Jaleel and Company Limited Mikin Industries Nicholas Hospedales : Nestle Trinidad and Tobago Limited Peggy Baptiste : Ministry of Agriculture, Land & Marine Resources Richard Parish : Food Sector Specialist, Spain Richard Ross : Grace Kennedy ( Trinidad and Tobago ) Limited Stanley Teemull : Chemistry / Food and Drugs Division, Ministry of Health Trinidad Seafoods Ltd Willie’s Ice Cream Ltd


Table Of Contents
TOPICS Preface Acknowledgements Table of Contents Food and Beverage Industry Team Abbreviations/ Acronyms Executive Summary PAGE I II III IV V VI

Section 1: Global and Regional Trends of the Food And Beverage Industry Section 2: Best Practices of an Internationally Competitive Food & Beverage Industry Section 3: Current Structure and Performance of the Food and Beverage Industry Section 4: Major challenges faced by the Food and Beverage Industry Section 5: S.W.O.T. Analysis of the Food and Beverage Industry Section 6: Strategy for the Development of the Food and Beverage Industry Section 7: Recommendations for the Food and Beverage Industry APPENDIX 1 Strategic imperatives APPENDIX 2 – Log Frame Matrix of Recommendations APPENDIX 3 – Survey Results Bibliography

1 2 8 11 14 17 19 22 24 33 40


Food and Beverage Industry Team
Mr. Tim Nafziger Team Leader Mr. Richard Ramsawak Ministry of Trade and Industry Mr. Richard Joseph Caribbean Business Services Limited Mr. Jeremy Matouk Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association Mr Adrian Theodore Trinidad and Tobago...

Bibliography: • • • • • The Impact of Free Trade under NAFTA on the Competitiveness of SMEs in Mexico – University of Miami (John Haar, Catherine Leroy- Beltran and Oscar Beltran) The Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Import Competing Sectors in Trinidad and Tobago – Dennis A. Pantin Transforming the Agricultural Sector Through the Development of the Agri-business Sector – Vassel Stewart CAMID Secretariat Trinidad Canada’s Agriculture, Food and Beverage Industry – Bill Goodman Market & Industry Services Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada The Impact of FTAA on the Food and Beverage Industry in Trinidad and Tobago : Policy Recommendations for Government and the Private Sector - Randall Andre Karim and Robert Mohammed • • • A Strategic Plan For the Food & Beverage Processing Industry- The British Columbia Food & Beverage Processors Steering Committee January 2004 Recommendations from “A Strategy for Reform of the Agribusiness Sector in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago ” by Timothy Taylor 2003 Intervention Report Strategic Intervention for the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources July 5th 2004 Prepared by the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Trinidad • • • • • Study of The Agro and Food Processing Sector Arnold Babwah September 2002 Expanding Possibilities at Home and Abroad - Vassel Stewart CAMID Secretariat Trinidad October 2004 8th Meeting of The Technical Working Group On Market Access & Agriculture: Update on Agriculture – related Issues in The Various Theatres of Negotiations -June 2004 The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Manufacturing Firms in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica – La Shaun Prescott, Caribbean Centre for Monetary Studies Spore – Information for agricultural Development in ACP Countries
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