How Significant Factors Can Change People’s Opinions

Topics: Environment, Natural environment, Environmentalism Pages: 4 (1098 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Xiaoran Song
Professor Stern
AcEng 20B
March 17 2014
How Significant Factors Can Change People’s Opinions
The essay“ In the Jungle” tells a story of a woman who is used to works under high pressure and takes a journey to the Ecuadorian Jungle, and near the Napo River she finds out that she is no longer stressed and depressed anymore. The peaceful environment changes her completely. This example shows how the physical environment can affect people mentally. The Essay “Our Animal Rites” tells a story of a woman who encounters a bear by an accident, and she realizes that where she is living now, the country used to be the home of the bear. This fact shocks her and she starts to wonder whether she is the one who has taken the bear’s home away from it. This example shows how physical environment can affect people emotionally. Besides these, the environment can change people physically too. There are some major changes I experienced after I came to the U.S by the way I dressed, the way I talked or treated people even my regular schedule. The physical environment and human beings change each other. When people come into a new environment that they have never been in, they will be affected, or changed physically, emotionally and mentally at different levels because people always have different reactions when they face different environments, and that is why they change.

The physical environment can affect people emotionally because different environments can change people’s attitude about one specific thing or the point of view of the same situation. Dillard describes her journey in the jungle very specifically. After she reaches her destination, she realizes how peaceful and amazing that place is, “Each breath of night smelled sweet, more moistened and sweet than any kitchen, or garden, or cradle”(37). This quote shows she finds the jungle is much better than the place she used to live. Nothing can compare to the smell of nature, not even her expensive daily...
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