how should the events of the french and indian war be used to reflect the legacy of george washington?

Topics: French and Indian War, George Washington, Battle of Jumonville Glen Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: October 19, 2014
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How should the events of the French and Indian War be used to reflect the legacy of George Washington?

Britain and France had long been in competition for territory in North America. The land west and northwest of the Appalachian Mountains was valuable due to its abundances in waterways, fisheries, game, and beaver runs. As France expanded its territory and colonies along the Ohio River Valley, the governor of Virginia, Robert Dinwiddie, sent twenty-year-old Major George Washington of the Virginia Regiment to confront the French forces. His actions there led to a major string of events, resulting in the formal beginning of the nation, which he becomes the leader of around thirty years later. Dinwiddie sent Washington to deliver a message to the French demanding that they leave the region and stop their harassment of English traders and settlers in April of 1753. As Washington explored further into the mountains, he, his men, and Tanacharison, a Seneca chief, marched into Fort Duquesne in western Pennsylvania and encountered French troops, engaging in conflict. Competition and tension arose and Washington fired upon these troops, killing the French leader, among many others, sparking a war between the two European colonies. This war came to be known as the French and Indian war, or The Seven Year’s War, starting in 1754, escalating from a regional clash into a world conflict in 1760 when the nations of France and Britain declared war on each other. Upon learning of this attack at Fort Duquesne and what came to be called Jumonville Glen, Claude-Pierre Pecaudy de Contrecoeur, the veteran French commander at Fort Duquesne, ordered Captain Joseph Coulon de Villiers, to attack Washington and his force near Great Meadows. De Villiers left Fort Duquesne with nearly six hundred French soldiers and Canadian militiamen, along with one hundred Native American allies. After being made aware of the outnumbered forces,...
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