How should humans live?

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How Should Humans live?

This is one question that has intrigued humans for a long time now, ever since the first human civilization came into existence this has been a major question. Homo Sapiens Sapiens is the most advanced and the most civilized beings on the face of earth and yet we cannot decide how we should live or rather what is the proper way to live. Socrates attempted an answer to this question way back in BC era saying that we should cross examine the effects and benefits of the solutions and methods that we intend to implement and chose the best alternative. The second attempt was made by Aristotle, according to him the answer was the concept of eudemonia, which translates somewhat into English as ‘happiness ‘and ‘human flourishing’, but till date there is no correct or proper translation of the word. In this paper we will examine were these answers sufficient or more insights are needed into our lives and the way we live them or rather chose to live them? The answer lies back in the history, if we take a close look at all the greatest civilizations they thrived alongside rivers and were later destroyed by these rivers, only that is they adjusted according to their needs and utilized the best services available naturally and thrived upon them. It can be argumentatively said that we humans today also survive and thrive upon the abundant natural resources available on the earth then what is the difference. If we go few centuries back the renaissance era marked the beginning of the industrialization and globalization, although over time these practices have benefitted human lives hugely but in the process we have forgotten to return back what we have taken, or rather not tried to replenish the natural resources and hence the aftereffects that are visible today in the form of irregular weather conditions and the fact that in a few we will run out natural resources, this has forced us look for new sources of energy or rather renewable sources of energy. So, is this way of living proper or right, everyone knows that the answer is a big no but no one acts until it is too late. Still there are only a few countries that are working towards reducing their carbon footprint. The way we humans have been living our lives sounds somewhat like take, take, take and then take some more and finally return something, this being in context to the way we interact with nature. The barter system way of living seems to be non-existent. Also the humans lives are characterized by the various relations that are a part of it, first the blood ties the ones that we are born with and are life-long bonded with and secondly the relations that we chose as we go on about our lives. The blood ties are pretty much the ones that we look upon for happiness and satisfaction, but the variety comes in as soon as we talk about the second ones, it is these relations that define what we are and what we chose to be for they are our own decisions. For instance when in need of money we look upon for help from our professional relations, or rather commercial relations, these are the ones that we have developed for our benefits. Similarly friends are people with whom we love to hang out with or rather love to be and share with. They are the people who love us and we love them back, but there is also a flipside to these, as it is rightly said that it is better to be alone that to be in bad companionship. Whenever we ask ourselves the question that how should we live, or rather putting it simply what should we live for, should it be Power?, Or Money?, Or Spirituality?, Comfort? Society?, Love?, the options can be endless, but the answer is for the individual to choose, as he/she is the one who will cherish or bear the results of the decision that he/she makes in life. Aristotle’s concept eudemonia comprised of two main components, virtuous action and contemplation (Steve Pavlina,...

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