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How Should Convicted Criminals Be Treated?

By Strawberrylove13 Apr 24, 2013 666 Words
How should Convicted Criminals be treated?

The prison population has increased rapidly overtime as the level of crime has elevated. This observation may lead us to think that the officials are doing a good job keeping criminals off the streets, but many of the offenders that eventually leave prison will return within a year. This may be caused in part by the fact that society labels offenders by what they did and it is hard for them to re enter the community as productive citizens. Prison may seem to be a societal problem, but it is a convenient solution to violence and crime. On the other hand, many people believe that capital punishment is justifiable for serious offences as in murder cases. Others believe that incarceration without rehabilitation is the best solution to the crime situation. Some people believe that prison serves as a form of rehabilitation where inmates are expected to turn from a life of crime once released from jail. Hence provisions must be put in place in order for offenders to not see returning to prison as an alternative. According to Casey Carmical, Morality is defined as "the principles of right and wrong." As moral creatures, humans deserve praise for good deeds, and punishment for bad ones. Punishment may range from a slap on the wrist to death, but the punishment must fit the crime. Casey stated that eexecuting murderers prevents them from committing their crime again, and thus protects innocent victims. Casey believes that the good, therefore, outweighs the bad, and the executioner is morally justified in taking the murderer's life. Casey argues that the death penalty is moral and just. Casey states that no one has to be executed; if no one murders, no one is executed.

Execution may seem like a very unfavorable or immoral solution, but there are many groups that support it. The survivors of murder victims as well as rape victims are those who support this for many reasons. Murder victims’ survivors feel cheated of their loved ones, they feel that something has been stolen from them and that it must be replaced, therefore they look to find justice and comfort. Rape victims and victims of serious crimes also support this because of the pain and dignity that has been ripped away from them, that they do not believe these people should be given any kind of mercy. Jaclyn Evert highlights that the rehabilitation programs help get criminal lives back on track. The burden ultimately falls on society to make lasting changes. He believes that rreentry programs significantly lower the risk of an ex-con ever re offending. Other people believe that prisoners who attend education programs while they are incarcerated are less likely to return to prison following their release. Furthermore, the "right kind" of education offered in rehabilitation works to both lower recidivism and reduces the level of violence. Moreover, appropriate education leads to a more humane and more tolerable prison environment in which to live and work, not only for the inmates but also for the officers, staff and everyone else. Agreeing with Andres Arizabel, Valarie Jones and Sylvia Bayne, I do believe that most people see prison rehabilitation as a solution to violence and crime. This issue is a form of modern day slavery. In my eyes, convicted criminals are humans just like us, and we all make mistakes. Society needs to give offenders a second chance and give them idea that going back to prison is not an option.

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