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How Shakespeare Make the Audience Feel Sorry for Juliet in Act 3, Scene 5

By danilla1 Mar 02, 2010 624 Words
How Shakespeare make the audience feel sorry for Juliet in Act 3, Scene 5 The conversation between Romeo and Juliet at the beginning of the act is also important; the discussion about the true nature of the bird outside the window resembles a couple. However, there is a note of sadness, just as they couldn't overturn the social prejudice that keeps them apart, they can't turn dawn into night. They must be kept apart. One way Shakespeare makes the audience fell sorry for Juliet, is through the contrast between Romeo & Juliet. In the first part of scene the atmosphere is blissful & special as shown, by “It was the nightingale, & not the lark,” the body language used is romantic showing Juliet is happy with Romeo, because she wants him to stay longer. By telling him it is not yet morning even through Romeo knows it. This was said in a light hearted & playful way as Romeo & Juliet are enjoying their last moment with each other. The langue makes the audience fells sort for Juliet because, they know Romeo has to leave& this heavenly mood with an aggressive part of the scene. In Act 3 Scene 5 Juliet quotes “Art tho gone so love, Lord, ay husband ay friend?” This reminds the audience that Romeo most banish the quote shows that Juliet doesn’t want Romeo to leave. Dramatic irony, when the audience knows something that Juliet doesn’t know the fact that Romeo may not return. It is also used in very powerful way when Juliet’s arranged marriage to Paris is announced. She resists the marriage, which may not have been understandable to an Elizabeth audience if it were not for the fact that the audience knew Juliet is already married to Romeo. Another way Shakespeare makes the audience feel remorseful for Juliet is through the way she is treated by her parents. Juliet’s Father says “One (child) is too much, And that we have a curse in having her”. Suggesting that he wishes his only daughter was dead. This seems harsh & over reacting. Making Juliet feel terrible, increasing our sympathy for her, also echoing Juliet’s fear of seeing Romeo. Up until now, The Nurse has been Juliet’s main sources of support & has helped her to marry Romeo. Juliet is betrayed by the Nurse. I think its best you married with County”. Suggesting the Nurse thinks Juliet should marry Paris. Even through the Nurse encouraged Juliet to marry Romeo in the first place. This leaves the audience dissatisfied because, the Nurse begins by being less supportive now Juliet is isolated talking to the Nurse. The way Juliet is physically represented on stage give the audience, the feel that she that Juliet has no one else, making another excuse to see Friar Laurence. Juliet’s actions & behaviour during the scene make the audience feeling sorry for her. For example she quotes “Good Father beseech you on my knees”. Thinking about Juliet’s tone of voice, this brings sympathy for Juliet as she is being forced into another married. However, Juliet is left on the stage with the last word. “If all else fail, myself have power to die”. To the Nurse as she is angry with her for saying bad things about Romeo before. Making the audience feel touched the fact Juliet only trustworthy friend can no longer be trusted. “I think its best you married with the county”. The Nurse thinks she should marry Paris. This is a shock to the audience as the Nurse encouraged Juliet to marry Romeo in the first place. Suggesting the Nurse puts practical comfort above morality. The audience are disappointed in the Nurse begins by being supportive now, no longer supporting her.

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