How Safe Is Mumbai for Women

Topics: Abuse, Sexual harassment, Rape Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: September 12, 2012
How Safe is Mumbai for Women?

Our market research topic is to find out whether Mumbai is actually safe for women. Mumbai was always touted as a safe city for women but with growing cases of eve teasing and groping we can see that it is losing its tag. In recent times we have observed many cases in which assault of a women , molestation or even rape has taken place. Research objective :- To find out how safe is the city of Mumbai for women. We are working for Swabhiman an initiative taken up by Smile foundation especially to help all women and girls in need. Every lady should be given the importance and respect that might have lacked in her life due to society pressures which is what Swabhimaan aims at. Our major aim is to come to know if Mumbai has been able to maintain its safe city status and due to the increase in the crime rates where does it leave women. The major purpose of carrying out this research is to find out where the loopholes exist in the system and alert women on what precautions they can take while travelling alone , late at night or in deserted areas. Our target segment will be:

1. Young girls
2. Girls and women who stay in the city
3. Women who have come from other cities to Mumbai
4. Elderly women
5. Women staying alone

Investigative questions that we will be asking our target segments: 1. What are the factors that women feel make Mumbai; a safe/unsafe city 2.How do girls, who have come to Mumbai from other cities/countries to study/work; find Mumbai’s safety levels as compared to the other cities? 3.What is the scope/suggestions for improvements?

We will conduct surveys and prepare questionnaires which will help us in getting an insight into what women living in the city feel about their safety. We will majorly concentrate on using primary research to help us to come to a conclusion. From our findings we will suggest what kind of safety measures need to be taken by women staying in the city and how the...
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