How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?

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How revolutionary was the American Revolution?Outline
Ⅰ. Assigned Questions
How revolutionary was the American Revolution?
Politically? Use evidence to support your answer.
The American Revolution created the United States, it transformed from a monarchical society which the colonists were subjects of the Crown, into a republic which citizens become participants in the political process. The Revolution also gave a new political significance to the middling elements of society. Such as artisans, merchants, farmers, and traders. With the increasing number of popular participation, voter climbed contested elections. By the time the Revolution was over, ordinary people had become much more heavily involved in the political process, they began to win office and wield power. Socially? Use evidence to support your answer.

Some certain radical ideals such as the commitment to liberty, equality, government of the people, and rule of law were popularized during the Revolution. Slavery, women’s status, and religious intolerance became new problems. However, these ideas still inspired Americans to try to reconstruct their society in line with republican principles. The wife of General Knox, the first feminist writers after the Revolution, protested against male power and demanded greater respect. In 1777, even his husband has to admit the equal command. That was the dramatic change in the lives of women.

Ⅱ. Vocabulary
Monarchical Society
The property of the society is connected with ruler such as a king or queen or with the system of the government by a king or queen.

Emancipation Proclamation
The statement made by President Abraham, Lincoln on 1st January 1863 that all slaves in the Confedera-te states were 'forever free' . The Proclamati-on led in 1865 to the Thirteenth Amendment to the American Constitution which officially ended slavery in all parts of the U.S.

Indentured Servant
A person who signed is bound by indentures to...
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