How Religious Belief Connects Humans with Nature

Topics: Moby-Dick, Religion, God Pages: 3 (1375 words) Published: December 1, 2012
How Religious Belief Connects with Humans And Nature
  Humans’ relationship towards nature is complicated. Phyllis Trible, a well known scholar, mentions in her paper A Tempest in a Text : Ecological Soundings in the Book of Jonah that “Theological language is ecological language” (Trible 189). It suggests that widespread religion has a reflection on the relationship between humans’ belief and nature. Besides, the two main characters, Arab and Jonah, from the movie Moby Dick and the religious book The book of Jonah, their different views of God are shown in their opposite actions towards nature.   In the movie Moby Dick, Ahab, the captain, is the emblem of the pioneers leading in the exploration of the great nature. He challenges the mysterious nature fearlessly. Rather than praying to God for help when he encounters confronted and unexpected difficulties, he believes that he can overcome all those difficulties by himself and never ceases his expedition. In the movie, Pequod, the whaling ship, is caught in a terrible storm. The sails should be put down for slowing ship’s speed in a storm. Starbuck, one of crew member, wants to furl a sail, but Ahab refuses. Ahab asks all of his sailors to hold sails tightly. When Starbucks tries to furl down sails, Arab threats Starbuck to stop by using an arrow. Ahab steadfastly continues battling with the nature to the end until finally his ship survives in bad weather. “Ahab called that Typhoon’s bluff; stood toe to toe with it and punched away till it hollared ‘quits’!” (Bradbury 158). Through the whole battle with the storm, Ahab even mocks at what he encounters. “Oh, how the gods enjoy playing with us. What’s the point of the game, I wonder? Sometimes I’m on the very edge of knowing-and then they toss me back in the box” (Bradbury 158). In Ahab’s mind, he is fighting against God, and choosing to put his own will above faith. Ahab believes himself above the natural world, and almost a god. This belief lends him power and...
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