How Propaganda Affects People

Topics: World War II, Propaganda, War Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: July 25, 2010
Everybody uses propaganda or is driven into it in daily life. It is not so easy to figure out that you are facing with propaganda in some ways. In her article “Propaganda: How Not to Be Bamboozled”, Donna Woolfolk Cross defines what propaganda means and comes up with some subtopics of propaganda such as “name-calling” and “plain-folks appeal”. Some people would rather to refer propaganda for good purposes but most people are manipulated by opportunist propagandists. According to Cross, by asking questions and not believing everybody so easily, people’s futures would be written by themselves, not by the propagandists. The future of Americans in World War II was written by propagandists who used some tactics to convince women to apply for male jobs to serve their country in the war.

In Cross’ article, there are several types of propaganda which try to shoot people with their own guns. First one of those types is called “name-calling”. This device of propaganda aims to call something or someone a bad name. The propagandist hopes that people would not think about what he said and react immediately to the attached names such as “two-faced liar” or maybe simply “stupid”. The best defense which the author offers is to question the idea apart from the bad name attached to it. On the other hand, the propagandist may use the opposite of name-calling, “glittering generalities”. This way of propaganda is the usage of good words instead of bad words to make people accept without questioning anything. While this propaganda style sounds innocent, there may be hidden purposes to let people forget about the real issues and believe that everything is just fine.

One other subtopic of propaganda in Cross’ article is called “plain-folks appeal”. Some propagandists use plain folks appeal to pretend they are one of the family members or one member of a group. Cross thinks that with that strategy, they try to seem like they are standing for their people’s rights or goodness, and...
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