How Pro Wrestling Began

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How Professional Wrestling Started
Wendy Mayhue
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How Professional Wrestling Started
How did Pro wrestling get it start? Wrestling goes way back to the ancient Greek and Roman Empire have given us one of the most entertaining and often-controversial sports we enjoy today. Professional wrestling is has evolved greatly since the days of the ancient Greek and Romans. The Greek used a form of wrestling called freestyle while the Romans were called Greco-Roman (Grabianowski 2008). Pro Wrestling started as side shows at carnivals as strongmen, who would challenge anyone to beat him in the ring or even to last 10 or more minutes with him. Challenges almost never won the money, since the strong man had helpers that would cheat to ensure that he would win. Then in the 1800s, promoters moved wrestling in arenas. In 1901 the National Wresting Association (NWA) formed. Then after World War II, the NWA divided into regional leagues. The Northeast federation was known as the Worldwide Wrestling Federation, what we know today as the World Wrestling Entertainment (Grabianowski 2008). Professional wrestling is it real or is it fake? One needs to decide for there selves. Unlike Amateurs, professional wrestlers are paid

Professional wrestlers’ tend to be more skilled and pro wrestlers are paid to do what they do. Moreover, paid well by some of the top Wrestling Federations. Amateur wrestlers on the other had are not. Many amateur wrestlers have made there way into pro wrestling, like Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin. Kurt has won an Olympic gold medal in freestyle wrestling in 1996. Shelton is a two-time All-American heavyweight wrestler. Both men have been at the top of the ladder in the pro wrestling business. A sporting commission regulates amateur wrestling. The job of the sporting commission is to ensure that the amateur wrestlers are following the rules and regulations. In pro wrestling is unregulated. In the old days, the league owners realized they could avoid hassle by naming their shows entertainment and not a competitive sport. So one may ask, is pro wrestling real or fake? Well, the plot or storylines are predetermined and the moves are choreographed. The wrestlers are not truly trying to injure each other, the wrestlers are just following a script. Although, some may have hard feelings toward there opponent they are just like one big family out there doing a job to make the fans cheer them or even boo them. Many wrestlers are exceptional athletes; they work out for hours in the gym with to maintain there physical condition. Pro wrestlers are like movie stunt men. They perform a skit in the ring to entertain the fans. This is called a work. A work is pro wrestling lingo for a storyline. Professional Wrestling Lingo

Pro wrestling has its own language. A few terms that one may have heard wrestlers use are, Kafabe, heel, work, face, house show, sell, and angle. A Kafabe is an old carnival term. Which in wrestling refers to the illusion of the characters and storylines are real. Which until a few years ago many wrestlers did not break Kafabe outside of the ring while in public. A heel is a villain, who is designed to make fans hate and boo them. A face it the good person, the one fans love to cheer and emulate. Some of the heels that are known today are Snitsky, Mike Knox, The Undertaker, and The Big Show. Some faces would be Batista, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and HHH. These wrestlers perform in a house show. A house show is an event not televised whereas a televised event is a live event. Sell is when a wrestler makes a painful move look real. An angle is part of and ongoing plot or part of the script. A wrestler may be involved in several angles at one time. An example: the current World Heavy Weight Champion John Cena is defending his belt against Chris Jericho, and he has Batista and Randy Orton threatening to...

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