How Postmodernism Has Affected Media

Topics: Postmodernism, Modernism, Facebook Pages: 6 (2298 words) Published: May 30, 2013
ALC102 – Assignment 3
Lewis Maddocks – 210706072
Research Topic: ‘How postmodernism has affected media, both new and old?’

Since the invention of the television, radio, and then the internet, the media has been a dominant part of our society. We are surrounded by it; everything we see on the news and on our computers is controlled by the media. Now with this new wave of technology, new media has emerged, in the form of social networking and social media, meaning that the way we communicate is now much more interactive. Media and indeed other aspects of culture have been affected by the movement known as postmodernism, which is a concept that was formed as a reaction to modernism; postmodern work has multiple meanings and several possible interpretations. This however not many people are aware of, because its initiation was gradual, but it has far reaching implications especially in the world of media. There are those who believe postmodernism has died out or indeed never really existed, such as Noam Chomsky, and this is important in order to fully express the arguments for and the criticisms against postmodernism. Intertextuality is a major aspect of postmodernism; it is the referencing of other texts to influence the main text in question, often in the form of a pop culture reference. Intertextuality is clearly present in most forms of media, television, film, even internet advertising to name a few, so this will display the affects postmodernism has had on media outlets. New media is undoubtedly influenced by postmodernism; in fact new media could be called postmodern in itself as it allows for many voices to be heard and it is not just presented to us. It is clear that media forms a large part of society and therefore everyone living in this society is to some degree affected by it. We are constantly exposed to the media, advertising being the most prevalent form that we see constantly wherever we look. On television, the radio, out on the street in the form of posters etc and on the internet are some of the main ways in which we see advertising and differing forms of media. Of course advertising is not the only form of media that there is, the daily news that we hear about is media, but it can be portrayed differently across different platforms such as television news compared to when you read the newspaper. Since the World Wide Web boom in the early 1990’s, the internet has become a primary source of information for thousands of people, when one needs to know something, an initial thought is often to ‘Google it’, a phrase meaning to search it on the world’s largest and most popular search engine. The internet is now easily accessible to most developed countries, and according to Internet World Stats (2011), 1 billion users around the globe are surfing the internet every month. The internet, television, radio etc are all forms of media, but recently ‘new media’ has come to light in the form of social networking and blogging. ‘The term new media comprises content that is created, stored or retrieved in digital form ranging from text, still pictures, audio and video’ (Chalkley, Brown, Cinque, Warren, Hobbs & Finn, 2012). So according to this definition, new media is content that can be stored in a digital context and is able to be retrieved at a later date. New media technologies have changed the way we think, because it allows for us to have our opinions heard much more easily. Blogging, for example, is a way for you to be able to post whatever you want assuming it isn’t overly offensive to anyone in particular because it is your own blog. You are in control on what you want others to see. It is the same for social networking: Facebook is a prime example of new media because it is your own profile that people are looking at, so you have full control over what is seen and what is not seen. Therefore your Facebook profile is still not an accurate representation of you, just the parts of you that you want people...
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