How Personal Can Ethics Get

Topics: Master's degree, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: December 10, 2010
Angethlor Wimberly
How Personal Can Ethics Get
February 5, 2010

Valerie Young is a marketing manager for Wisson, a fragrance company headquartered in Chicago.  While working for Wisson, Valerie discovers information that questions her ethics and places her in compromising dilemmas.  The discovery contributes to the stressors she experiences. Her manager, Mr. Lionel Waters, was hired by Wisson for his successful contributions to the female fragrance industry. Mr. Waters is responsible for the stressors experienced by Valerie. While working in the U.S. on a working visa, Valerie provides organizational, marketing and financial skills for Wisson.  She continues to produce quality work after the downsizing of her department.  As a newly accepted student for the master's of science program at the University of Chicago she is grateful to her company for tuition reimbursement if she receives A's and B's in her classes. She has a type B personality. She sees the big picture of her actions and others and does not react quickly when involved in situations. She has a boyfriend who is neutral to her job and provides advice when she needs it. He is someone who she can rely on for confidentiality.

Mr. Waters has over 14 years with Wisson. Upon hiring, Waters hired two close friends and gave them salaries beyond company policy. He has a Type A personality. He is more concerned with the amount of money he is making rather than how he is making it. He spends most of his time spending as much of the company money as he can and as quickly as possible. He shows up to work when he wants to and leaves the team he is suppose to be heading in the dark. They are left alone without a mentor or someone to provide professional guidance.

In an effort to make copies, Valerie noticed someone left the copier machine jammed. While trying to remove the jammed papers, she discovers paperwork relating to Waters. The papers were invoices for two fragrance companies owned...
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