How People Perceive Differently

Topics: Mind, Perception, Religion Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Many people perceive thoughts differently because they all have different view of the world. After reading the text, Communications in a Changing World, I learned how people can interpret things differently. There are steps of perception everyone goes through which includes interpretation, selection, and organization. As I showed a picture to three different people, they all had different words that described the picture and this explains how people perceive thoughts differently.

Everyone in life has different views of the world because of their experiences and beliefs. People went through many obstacles in life which alters their belief system. Once their belief system has been constructed, they are in a habitual cycle which makes them hard to be same with others. No people are alike. We are all different people. With this knowledge, I believe that people view things according to their habitual lifestyle. For example, a person who are stereotypical may view people or judge them by race or individual's character. These people will tend to view society as if everyone did not come from the same family but different places and everyone is categorized. However, some people may view things by emotions and actions. People perceive things differently as the author states, "Just as self-concept, identity, and physical factors act as filters on our perceptions, our personality also affects how we perceive others" (Dobkins, pg.68).

Many people are brought up in different cultures and background. Even though I may have friends that grew up with me in the same culture, we are different because our nationality might be different. We can eat different food and have our own unique styles. Our interests are different. How we look and feel is different. All three people I showed the picture to came up with different words because they all were in different states and brought up differently in life in general as the author states, "We like things that are recognizable or...
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