How People Can Protect Themselves from Cancer

Topics: Cancer, Individual, Spread Toolkit Pages: 4 (1731 words) Published: December 14, 2014
In this assignment I am going to assess different methods that can be used to promote and protect individuals within the public. I will also evaluate the effectiveness of methods that are used for promotion and help protect others from getting both MRSA and various types of cancer.

Within the methods I have mentioned about Cancer, I would suggest that individuals prioritise them. If they do this it will help protect them and maybe even save their life.
In my opinion I suggest that screenings should be provided with the most support and funding. I think this because a check-up could be the difference between an individual living a healthy life or a life full of hospitals and medication. An individual should put their health ensuring that they are safe from this disease. During a visit with the doctor if they are worried about their findings they are then able refer patients to the hospital for a screening. Screenings can help to find the disease in the proclaimed area as quickly as possible ensuring that treatment can be given as soon as possible. I think this method of diagnosis is very effective as the disease can then be found before it has chance to spread to other parts of the body. If the disease is found too late then it could spread to places where it cannot be treated or removed. Then they will have to be on medication for the rest of their lives ensuring that the pain does not become out of control.

I would then look into investing money into advertisements, making more individuals aware of the disease. If advertisements are created, more individuals may feel encouraged to examine their breasts for anything that they are worried about, including lumps. Making them seek professional help to then diagnose the problems they have found, they are not cancerous. However some adverts that use the topic of cancer are not very useful until a diagnosis has been given to them. Many shows shown in the day time promote the awareness of...
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