How My Life Has Changed After the Accident

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Reborn man
We used to read story books about ghost. We watched cartoons, movies and documentaries about ghost, dead people walking, zombies, but we never believed them. We heard on news about some celebrities getting some surgeries to change themselves, such as Michael Jackson who changed from black man to white man or someone who was from man to woman. However, can humans be reborn? This question has been asked for years can you call yourself reborn after an accident? Yes, I was reborn, I faced death, I was born again as another person, I see from different eyes. I was so happy that I got my new motorcycle from Yamaha. it was R1 model , a beautiful huge white and red color motorcycle . I remember that I checked one thing when I got it , it was the speedometer and I decided to reach the maximum speed that evening . at 11:47 pm , the street was empty ,no life around , everybody home ; if you scream your voice will echo back to you . I was stayed in the middle of the street where I chose to start your ride. I turned and held the motorcycle grip which made a pretty sound in my ears and but a noisy sound for neighbors . I was expecting some F-words to come from windows, but there was nothing. They probably got used to it, or they were saying it inside. Regardless, I sang my preferred song “Hit the road Jack, don’t come back no more no more...”, and I pulled up my hands from the clutch levers and hit the road. My eyes were traveling from speedometer to the street and from street to speedometer. I was so excited watching the speedometer needle going up; by the time I was moving my eyes from the speedometer to the street, I never expected to see a car, that close to me coming out of the alley. The distance was so close. I held the clutch strong, but it was too late. I crashed into the car and in an unwanted move I was flying in the sky and waiting for which terminal I would arrive in. I smelled a smell that I always hate, It...
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