How Moving Can Affect Teens

Topics: Adolescence, Family, 2009 singles Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: May 2, 2012
Explaining How Moving From Place to Place Affects Teens

It isn't easy for anyone to pack up and leave everything that is familiar and try to fit into a new environment. But it's especially hard during a time in your life when there are already so many physical and emotional changes taking place in a young teens life. There is so many different ways a big move can have a impact on a teen , even if its a small or big impact teens still go through changes an some times lose great friends by moves.

Some reason's behind a move can sometimes be upsetting, and that can add to the stress. A parent may be forced to take a job in a new city because of company layoffs or staff reorganizations. Sometimes a death or divorce in the family can lead to a move, or your family may have to move to take care of a sick family member such as grandparents.

Moving from place to place may be can be harder on teenagers living with only one parent in the house hold instead of two. If a 16 year old ,male or female has been going to the same school for over a few years an lo9ves where there life is at this point in there life comes home from school to find out that they have to move to a different state, wouldn't you think that would cause just a little bit of pain and anxiety? An average teen is probably already comfortable with the life that they life, the close friends they probably grew up with an for the to just have to up an leave would hurt them a lot. Its not only hurting the child it's also hurting the parent to see there child so down an hurt.

Being teenager is not always the best thing, especially when they have parents that move constantly from place to place, it can affect their life dramatically. Having to say goodbye to your friends, school and favorite hangout place is really hard. Not only saying goodbye but afraid of what is going to be like to the new place the teenager is moving. Parents should consider talking to their teenager instead...
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