How Money Causes Racism?

Topics: Slavery, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 4 (1344 words) Published: June 21, 2012
Natalie Cedeño Griem
Contemporary Society

How money causes racism?

For answering that question we need to know the history of slavery and all that came next, because we can’t judge today’s facts if we do not know the background of the theme we want to talk about.

Slavery began in the 16th and 17th in Europe, it was the “new form” of colonization for corporations to win profits. It is important to accentuate that the slaves were the black people that lived in that time. The heads of the corporations thought that the slaves were “people” without honor. And I emphasize with quotation marks the word people because the corporations or people with power, did not considered the slaves as people, they were nothing, worst than animals. They fear they would disclose because the slaves were many more, so they hit them and treated them violently, after all they were not human beings.

While slavery in Europe was increasing, a new event occurred, the colonization of the Americas. More massacre and genocide, abuse was being done to the Indians in the north by the British and in the south by the Spanish. They were supposed to Christianize them but they had a doubt if they were humans, or not, or maybe they were born to be natural slaves. “Christianity is and has always been a strand of thinking in which people justified slavery by arguing that it’s bringing people into Christianity; it is an aspect that creates colonial basis and knowledge” – Laurent Dubois. They were trying to justified the genocide by thinking they were helping them.

We can see that the two events mentioned are produced because of the superiority that the “white” race felt against other races especially the black and the Indians; and for that, the use of a power that was never given to them. That way of thinking, is worrying also today because that ideology will make racism stay for a long time, since it make us see that the races that were slaves are now useful for cheap...

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