How Migration Affects People

Topics: United States, Human migration, Immigration Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Bianca Bolado
May 21, 2009
Mrs. Foster
Human Geography 4

Chapter 8 Migration Research Paper.

Migration affects the lives of people and the character of places. There are many different types of push factors and pull factors about immigration that brings immigrants to the United States. Including economic, political, and cultural ways. Immigration has benefited the immigrants and the United States in many ways also. There are a lot of push factors that can make a family to leave their country. The three types of push factors are Political, Environmental and Economic. The political push factors are war and persecution. Persecution is an unfair treatment of others because of who they are or what they believe. For Example, Ahmed Al-Mokalla had to leave Yemen because of the Civil War. He also got taken away to join the army. This is an example of a political push. Another way that can make a family to leave their country is environmental problems like drought, earthquakes, plant disease and starvation. For Example, Ricardo Flores couldn’t afford the Mexican governments fees to dig his wells so he can save his crops from drought. So he ended up having to lose his crops. He didn’t have enough money to pay the government. Another push factors are economic, like having poor farmers and less working people. For Example, Olanre Nwidor from Africa was denied a job as a chemical engineer in Nigeria’s oil industry. He doesn’t have a job, plus the country wasn’t safe.

There are three types of pull factors, Family, Quality of Life and Education. For Family people desire to reunite with families. The young men are often the first members of their family to immigrate to another country. When they find jobs and a place to live they send for their wives, children and parents. For Example, Rachel Tang from China, her dad came to the United States first without his family because he wanted to make sure that he could make it to the United States and he could...
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