How Might a Follower of F.W.Taylor View This Introduction of Laser Scanning?

Topics: Introduction, Money, Management Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: December 18, 2010
F.W.Taylor and his scientific management aim at increasing worker performance or productivity. The results of his research revolutionized the way work was organized in many industries. The emphasis on increasing efficiency and productivity was greeted by industrial leaders as a route towards greater profits. Worker’s leaders did not believe Taylor’s view that the fruits of higher efficiency would be shared between workers and business owners as they believed that it would lead to more work but no more pay or benefits. The new laser scanning system was introduced to a supermarket, which resulted in some problems. This essay is to find out how might a follower of F.W.Taylor view this introduction of laser scanning system. Main body:

F.W.Taylor’s theory focused on increasing worker performance or productivity. The theory was named ‘economic man’ and it included five main approaches. Economic man – only interested in money, selecting the right people for each job - recruitment, observing and recording the performance of staff – ‘time and motion study’, establishing the best method of doing a job – method study – no discussion or feedback, piece work payment systems – identify the output. The introduction of a laser scanning system in a supermarket was to improve productivity and in search of profit maximization. Is it successful? Probably not. Though IPM might go to a higher level – 22 to 22.8 , according to the case, the introduction of laser scanning system made turnover high – several of the original staff left, which required much more time and money for training. It damaged workers’ health – many complained about back pains, which meant that they could not make all their effort and extra time to work. It ruined the relationship between worker and worker, workers and manager – Suzanne’s high workrate gave others great pressure and poisoned her relationship with workmates; the IPM level gave the Deputy Store Manager stress and he threatened that he...
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