How Media Influence the Dress Up of College Students

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Research method

Lim Yoke Theng
Mr Tamil Chellvan


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Lim Yoke Theng
Faculty of Liberal Art
INTI University College, Malaysia

This article presents a minor research examining the effects of how media influence the dress codes of college students. The results suggest that the students’ dress code are neutral under influential of media, by the way the students admitted there is an influential power comprised in media industry to affect the dress up-style of students. In addition, perception of fashion is diverse in gender.

Students wear uniforms since they started their study life in kindergarden and elementary school, uniforms are compulsory as well in public high school or even in private high school. The students went through the uniform-phase for at most 14 years out of their life irrespective of nation. Carson, a partner writer in online journal, revealed that England was the first country that started the requirement towards the students to wear uniform, as a mean to distinguish the poor students who attended the charity school from other children. 300 years later, wearing uniform in public school only started to become a norm, as well as a way to differentiate the school-boys and school-girls, it is an effective way to control all the students. Due to variety of culture background, students like their school uniform so much and some of the students choose their high school because of the nice uniform, they are so proud of their school because of the uniform. Taiwan and Japan, most content of TV programs or comics, use high school students as the main character to develop the story. For instance, “Meteor Garden” (Chai, 2001)the drama series, focus on the high school love story that has urge the students desire to start boy-girl-relationship at that stage of life, the story line basically is about the relationship of 4 supreme rich boys and 1 very poor girl. The drama series portrayed the image of uniform that is pure heart and such a dreamlike. The show also identified the diversity of those rich and poor students.

There is a transition period from high school life to campus life. Students have to get used the new environment and new faces, attitude likely inevitably remain unchanged. Students are told to wear smart causal to leave a good impression by the elder. Students are told to wear casual, might be T-shirt and long pants and sneaker, because there is no point to dress nicely by a group of friends, at the same time another group of friends attempted to convince you simply wear, might be T-shirts, shorts and slipper, since you are staying in hostel, the distance is so near to your class room. The preferences and the attitude on dress code usually based on different cultural background. Currently the dress code of students has become a hot topic in INTI campus among students and top management, a topic was created in the public forum of INTI-UC, are so many respondents express different opinion and suggestions. I, as the researchers of this topic, I would like to explore how powerful the media in affecting the college students’ dress-code in every occasion such as shopping and class time. There is no restriction of dress in campus life, unlike in those days before you are qualified to fit in the threshold of entering university, students and teacher alike have always had restrictions on what is appropriate and inappropriate dress. Gereluk stressed that...

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