How Material Things on City Road Favour the Activities of Some Groups of People over Others

Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: April 2, 2013
City Road is the main busiest street in the City. Every street is different in terms of what is happening on it. But each one is built similarly. People are living, working and socializing here. They create the road. I will pay close attention to material things on the city road such as shops, restaurants, takeaways, nightclubs even bollards and concrete posts.

When the road is familiar to us we do not notice ordinary things, for example the post office is painted red. We do not take notice of the obvious characteristics things on the road. We take more information when the road is new and unfamiliar to us. On the City Road there is a lots of things that are needed to live, for example the material things on the road: the shops with food, the water and pipes, sewers, the gas, the electricity, the BT, phone lines, cable TV and street signage. Everything is connected in some way, which greatly facilitates our life.

There are the things that keep us safe on the roads such as bollards. Bollards are the poles on the sidewalks to prevent vehicles driving into the sidewalk. They favour the passers-by and people who are on the road, protecting them from danger in terms of the colour. They are more visible for people with visual impairment to prevent them walking into them.

The concrete posts are a small island on the road. They are there to make it easier to cross the road. They particularly favour the elderly, mothers with children or people with dogs. Elderly people are walking slowly and are not able to so quickly cross over the road, especially when the traffic is on the road. The same person with someone at his side is not so quick. So this island provides the convenience and safety on the road.

On the street there are many kinds of stores, starting from large supermarkets to small newsagents. Some stores declined due to competing stores. These are shops that have been here for years, survived even the largest crises and shops which are just formed....
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