How lucky you are

Topics: Cigarette, Meaning of life, London Borough of Croydon Pages: 2 (902 words) Published: May 13, 2014
How Lucky You Are

Maybe you think your life sucks, but if you look at the bigger picture maybe you should be grateful?

The story takes place in London and we are in modern day. We meet our main character Max who is bulking from school taking all for granted. At first we are on the bus with Max where he meets Ishraqi who is an Iranian trying to immigrate to England. Together they decide that Max can give Ishraqi a little guided tour in London, but this is interrupted when Ishraqi must go to her appointment about whether she can stay in England or not and finally we are at Max’s home where he is feeling frustrated and sad that Ishraqi must leave the country. The storyteller is intrusive which means we get Max’s thoughts and the story is told from his point of view. The story is mainly a flashback, but the first 26 lines takes place in the present where we get to know a little bit about Max and his situation, but from line 26 and on it is all a flashback taking him back to that specific day. Max is going to a school called “The Brit School”. He is bulking so he doesn’t need to take a test and this tells us a lot about Max. This type of person often underestimates how much it means to be in such a highly-rated school and how blessed he is to have that opportunity. It seems a bit like he doesn’t care about his grades or how his future is going to be. Some of this can maybe be channeled back to the fact that his father left him and his mother “to find himself”. The absence of a father figure in the teenage years can create this sort of “fuck the world” mentality that Max possesses. Also the fact that he smokes cigarettes in a fairly young age suggests this. He believes that his mother is talking too much about responsibility and homework but he doesn’t realize it’s only for his own good. But when he meets Ishraqi it all changes. All of a sudden he is nice and gentle. He finds her attractive which is substantiated by the fact that he finds her accent cute. He...
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