How Language Plays an Important Role in the Development of Children

Topics: Linguistics, Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1409 words) Published: January 20, 2014
In the article, ‘Language Development and Education’ by Paula Menyuk, it focuses on the role and effects of language development, the article claims that language development changes due to maturation and language education. It is a theoretical study which explores the work of other scientists and philosophers. It also clarifies the implications some children with special needs have to experience both, orally and written. Menyuk has written about the debate between Chomsky and Piaget in regards to the role of language in cognitive acquisitions. She claims to understand the findings regarding children’s early linguistic knowledge and capability to process language after their school years. The paper also discusses the difficulties a child with language delay or disorder may experience. I will discuss and evaluate the issues about the language development children process as they go through their school years, the approach a child acknowledges and alternates as they learn and the difficulties and positive affects a bilingual child experiences when learning two languages.

Language plays an important role in children’s cognitive development (Hamers & Blanc, 1983). It is everywhere, the sounds we make carry shared meanings; different sounds and patterns can express some infinite expressions. Words are not only used when expressing ourselves, but also our thoughts. Linguistic is defined as the systematic study of language. (Aitchison J, 1981: 20) Throughout the first grade of the school years, children learn a huge amount about how to use language academically and when socializing. At this stage, children have had a lot of experience using language, they should have the ability to translate and orally remember things. For example, a child may communicate with his peers and tell him something that has happened in the past.

After the first three years, children tend to require more knowledge about all aspects of language therefore, by the time they start school...

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