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How Language Affects You

By hannahbanana45 Jun 01, 2013 703 Words
Language is a powerful thing. So powerful that it has the ability to link each and every one of us together or be the barrier that stands between us. Language is a tool in life that can either emphasize or hinder communication, relationships, and our cultural views. However, when we think of the word “language” it is crucial to remember that it also means nonverbal such as body language. Language, in the form of communication is taught to us as infants and continues on as we grow up. Communication is the heart, the foundation of why language is even here. Being able to speak, do, or express language is our way of connecting with those around us. Communicating with our words helps to bridge us together and simple conversations can leave lasting impressions. Therefore, lack of understanding ones language can leave us wanting. For example, more than half of my family speaks Spanish. I was raised in Florida away from Spanish speaking people and I can only speak English. The language difference hinders my communication with some of my family. In contrast, when you are able to communicate you can start to build off of that and use language as a helping tool. This enables people to have a sense of authority. As a result, you begin to see society go different ways because communication can isolate or include people depending on how you use it. Language, as in our words, can help produce and help grow new relationships and this gives society the power to do whatever to put their mind to. The story of babel is a perfect example of the power we could possess if society all spoke the same exact language along with the same aspect of thinking. Since everybody knew the same language this helped build new relationships and enabled society to do great things. God realized the power they harnessed off of being able to build relationships from knowing the same language and as a result he then split society by taking away their common language. In comparison, two people may speak the same language but the way we hear or interpret things can be completely opposite. We’ve all heard the phrase that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, two people speaking the same dialect but not the same language. To put in another way, even though we may be trying to portray one thing people will interpret things differently. For instance, when you hear “you look like you just got out of bed” versus “you look ugly” it bounces off your ear differently. Both of these phrases mean the same thing, however society interprets these things differently.

Cultural views are a very important key to being able to express yourself. Language is your helping tool to give you the ability to do that. Language affects society’s cultural views because without being able to share the most common thing between people which is language, then you could not spread your cultural standards. For instance, society has many different views and opinions on things. Being able to communicate through language gives you a chance to see other people’s perspectives. For example, showing someone the middle finger in America is a very disrespectful thing to do. However, if you were to go to a foreign country their cultural views would look at the middle finger as just a middle finger. In addition, cultural views are affected by language because society would not have the vast amount of knowledge about other cultures if it were not for language. Without this knowledge society would not be the same. Although we may have our regular American food, we would have not been introduced by the different types of food, clothing, and even technology. In final consideration, without language making a difference with cultural views or opinions then society would be majorly set back. As time goes on, Language is gradually affecting society around you. It has a way of opening your eyes and giving you a new perspective on communication, relationships, and cultural views. Language is a helping tool that can either benefit or hinder all of society. It helps you grow in all aspect of areas.

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