How Kristin Died: a Case Study on Public Administration

Topics: Injunction, Bureaucracy, Criminal law Pages: 4 (1390 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Case Study #1

How Kristin Died

The case study “How Kristin Died” exhibits the obvious problems that come from neglect of the bureaucratic system and what types of tragedy can occur, as a result. This particular case ended with the murder of Kristin Lardner and negatively altered the lives of many people involved. However, when the information about the murderer, Michael Cartier, is presented in a timeline, it is obvious that if the bureaucratic systems involved would have take more precautions, this tragedy would have never occurred. January 30, 1992 Michael Cartier and Kristin Lardner meet in a Boston Nightclub. March 1992 Cartier beats and assaults Kristin for the first time. April 16, 1992 Kristin and Cartier’s last date. He beats Kristin for a second time. May 1992 Cartier shows his friend, Leslie North, a gun he purchased on May 7, 1992. Kristin contacts Moeller, Cartier’s probation officer. May 11, 1992 Kristin files an emergency one day restraining order. The following day she returns to file a temporary one week order. May 19, 1992 Cartier and Kristin attend court for a permanent restraining order. Cartier is not arrested even though he contacted Kristin the night before. May 30,1992 Cartier shoots and kills Kristin on the street , then goes to his apartment and kills himself.

If this case study were made into a movie the main cast of characters involved in the plotline would be Michael Cartier, Kristin Lardner, Rose Ryan, and Tom Casey. Although many others were involved with this case, these people were the most influential in the outcome of this tragedy. Michael Cartier

Michael Cartier was a bouncer at a nightclub in the Boston area who had accrued a three page long rap sheet including attempted arson, brawling, breaking and entering, assault and battery, animal cruelty/brutality, and probation violation. According to several sources,Cartier showed signs of mental instability and destruction from a young age. When he was a mere...
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