How know and honoring our past shapes our future

Topics: Barack Obama, Believe, Future Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: April 22, 2014

History. We all have heard or learned something about our history. But, what distinguishes us one from another? Nearly all of us have learned about the past. A large percentage of us even understand the hardships and accomplishments of the past. But, how many will actually use our history to help shape future? In fact, the Harvard Business School released a study that classified 3 percent of people as successful, 30 percent of people as somewhat successful, and the other two-thirds as simply watching life pass them by.  We cannot be a complacent dreamer, only dreaming of the activities that went on throughout our rich history. Also, let us not be the basic believer, understanding our past but never allowing it to shape our future. An achiever is what we all should strive to be. The achiever understands the past and utilizes it to create a brighter future. There are some who don’t mind being called just a dreamer. They go through their day to day life only knowing the actions taken in the past. They do remember past mistakes therefore they repeat them. The dreamers don’t remember that their ancestors we’re spat upon, talked about, and mistreated so that they could have a good education. Rather than honoring the ones that paved the way by taking advantage of free education, they misbehave, act out, and skip classes in school. He or she may be talented and intelligent but they choose not to use the resources afforded them by their past. They are satisfied with their present reality and are unwilling to strive for better. However, in order to be better tomorrow then you must understand what happened yesterday. Do not be like a dreamer because they are only looking forward to what happened yesterday. Let us not focus on the dreamer; there is also the believer. The believers are a few steps ahead of the dreamers. A believer has learned of the past and understands it. They will connect with other people that can help make their dreams come true. They will even go...
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