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This Semester I am taking a seminar class here at Rhode Island College. A first year seminar class is a course that you have to take within your first year at RIC. “As part of the College’s new General Education Program, Rhode Island College is offering all First Year Students the opportunity to explore in depth a fascinating academic topic selected by professors representing a wide variety of disciplines” (RIC). It helps student transition over to college while taking a course that they are interested in and fits their interest. This class is a requirement for our general educations program not our major. I Chose Mickey Mouse Monopoly. I choose this because I though it focused on the creation of Disney and how Disney came to be starting with Walt Disney Journey. As a Disney cast member (employee), I wanted to know more about the culture I am bring into my work life. Such as how I can make the families who visit Disney a magical place but also incorporate Disney values while on the job. After going to the class on the first day the professor asked all of us what this class was about and my answer was how Disney is influencing the world such as monopolizing the world. I got that answer after I say the word monopoly and realized what the word actually meant. Professor Zornado quickly explained that this course would be focusing on how Disney is influencing the world without really showing you directly. This class mainly focuses on discourse, ideology, feminism, and race through Disney animation films. Along with introducing us to new Authors along the way who voiced their opinion in their own writing, such as Henry Giroux who wrote the Mouse That Roared, Maria Tartar who took other authors classic fairy tale and put them in one book and Jack Zipes who wrote a essay on Breaking the Disney Spell. What is discourse? According to Webster dictionary, Discourse has roots in a range of theoretical traditions that investigate the relations between language, structure...

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