How is the Interent Useful?

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How was the Microscope Invented?
The microscope is a machine used to see tiny, small things such as germs and bacteria. These small creatures are not seen by us but can be seen by a microscope. The three subtopics that will be mentioned are: 1) Who invented the microscope? 2) Why was it invented and What are the different types of microscope. The prediction made was that the microscope was a very important part of life in the middle-ages. People had very serious sicknesses at that time so doctors needed a device that would help them see viruses and germs in peoples bodies. It was a helpful tool back then and still is.

Who invented the microscope?
A dutch man who made spectacles called Zaccarias Janssen was the first man to create the microscope. He solved a problem that every doctor needed. Antony Van Leeuwenhok was the first man to use it in such a way that everyone learned easily. It is a big help to microbiologist and germintologist .Why was the microscope invented? The microscope was invented in the year 1590. At that time, it was very hard for doctors to find a cure for sickness and the cause for it. Eventually, the problem was solved. It really was a help to patients as well.

What are the different types of microscopes?
There are many different types of microscopes. The ones that will be mentioned are the Compound microscope, Electron microscope, x-ray microscope and the Stereo microscope. The compound microscope is light illuminated. The image seen through the microscope is in 2D. The electron microscope helps microbiologist look for small germs in the body such as viruses. The x-ray microscope uses beams from the x-ray to show the image. The stereo microscope is also called the dissecting microscope and can see up to the maximum of 100 times and has a 3D vie mot things. It is a good for seeing things that are opaque (not transparent). Those are some of the microscopes.

The prediction made in...
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