How Is the Idea of a Turning Point Shown in 'Disabled' and 'Out, Out'?

Topics: Poetry, Death, Stanza Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: March 21, 2013
How is the idea of a turning point reflected in ‘Disabled’ and ‘Out, Out –‘?

Both poems show turning points which drastically changes both of the victims’ life. In ‘out, out-‘I think the turning point is when the boy’s sister momentarily distracts him when he is doing the job that will cause his injury by saying “supper”. However, it can be argue that there is more than one turning point such as when the boy’s hand actually gets cut off or when he dies. In ‘disabled’ I think the turning point is when the boy sign’s up to do a job that will cause his injury rather than has his injury in the poem they were both underage to do the job that they did. The structure of ‘disabled’ is broken into seven stanzas and each stanza has an irregular amount of lines. This may be to show how confused and unfocused the boy’s mind was after his turning point. Throughout the poem a contrast of mood and tone is used. In ‘out, out’ the poem is very narrative. At the begging of the poem Robert Frost concentrated on the scenery and we find out that it is set Vermont where there are “Five mountain ranges”. We also find out early on in the poem that people were very busy because Frost writes that the people who could see the mountain ranges were “those who lifted eyes” This links with the ending after the death of the boy when everybody had work to do and “turned to their affairs”. This phrase could show how hard working the people had to be and how they got on with life as they had to but it could also make the people come across as being uncaring because Frost explained that when they went back to work it was because “they were not the one dead” In ‘Disabled’ Wilfred Owen uses contrast to emphasise the turning point. Before the boy went to war his life was fun. He uses “swing so gay” to describe the town. The word “swing” also shows liveliness and fun. It is also a suggestion of music and dancing. This contrasts with after the turning point when he explains that he “shivered”. This...
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