How Is the Character of Deflores Developed in the Play the Changeling

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How is the role of DeFlores character developed throughout the play?

Unlike all the other characters in ‘The Changeling’, DeFlores is not in-consistent in his behaviour, façade or morality. At the beginning of the play, DeFlores appears to be a weak and desperate character but as the complexity of his character becomes evident we learn that he is resolute, defiant and has a conscience, unlike Beatrice. However, his concern for morality does not stop him from killing Alonzo, as his passion for Beatrice is too great. DeFlores is driven by a sexual desire for Beatrice and although at the beginning Beatrice appears disgusted and dismissive towards DeFlores, he eventually gets his will.

The development of DeFlores in terms of his relationship with Beatrice reveals a lot about his character. Our first view of DeFlores In Ii, shows him as desperate and lustful for Beatrice, this is re-iterated in act Iii when DeFlores admits in aside to the audience “I force errands, frame ways and excuses To come into her sight” (L30). The aside allows the audience a glimpse into DeFlores’ personal thoughts, and reveals the intelligent side to his character, which proves he is aware of his own motivations and faults, unlike the other characters. Beatrice refers to him as an “ominous ill-faced fellow” (L52) exemplifying her changeable character, and inability to understand her own feelings as later she falls for DeFlores. DeFlores is also aware of his ugly face, for example he explains his appearance “wrinkles like troughs, where swine deformity swells” (L43) , conjuring up imagery of pigs with the reference to the sunken areas of his face, he calls them “troughs” which are more closely associated with farmyard animals. Also the use of the word “swine” creates an unpleasant nasal sound, and also refers to animals, such a hogs. DeFlores’ ability to analyse his own character and describe himself with such vivid and insulting language, creates a sort of sympathy from the audience who...
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