How Is Religion Generally Viewed in Culture Today

Topics: Religion, United States, Morality Pages: 4 (1399 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Religion is a set of beliefs that ensure the moral conduct of the societies and that regulates divine laws in a society in order to bring peace in it. Generally it has been found that societies that follow religion are more likely to survive because of compassion, lack of disorder or killing as the laws are enforced by the religion.

However when religion is viewed in modern society then it bring about a clash among the science and religion. Each religion has its own particular faith that its members should believe in. Moreover, each of them has one divine being. For instance Muslims believe in Allah, Christian believes in God and so on. In current society, religions are necessary to bring about the technological advancements. However the technology has advanced so much that it challenges the supernatural powers on which those religions were based upon.

In the modern world our survival often depends no more on our neighbors than on others around the world. Many of the rich have no contact with their poorer neighbors, and disregard the dictates that religion had for building communities were people help each other. In more primitive times the lack of such help would have led to stealing, without any judicial recourse. Yet it is also now just is easy for us to assist those on the other side of the country or the world who are worse off than our poorer neighbors. This globalization of community and the utilitarian arguments based on balancing diminishing virtual utility of money with an incentive systemare the main arguments for global (eventually) government-sponsored redistribution of income.

Why is religion on the rise?
It is not. From a global perspective, the trend toward secularism continues. Generally, the more advanced the economy, the less importance the public gives to religion.  In most developed countries, only a small minority of adults attend church regularly.    Today, only a minority of British people believe in the existence of God,...
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