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How Is Living in a City Better Than Living in a Rural Area

By ilovesqq489 Feb 03, 2013 781 Words
How Is Living In a City Better Than Living In a Rural area
Some people prefer to live in the countryside because they consider that living in the countryside is more healthier. But here is a fun fact: city counties ranked healthier than the rural. Generally, people might think living in the countryside would be healthier than living in cities, but it is not necessarily, according to a study comparing relative health among cities, suburbs and rural areas. Since one of the most important factor of living in the rural area is not reasonable anymore, the win and defeat are obvious. Many people would live in large cities rather than the countryside because they believe there are more advantages in residing in metropolitan areas than remote areas. The first reason might be employment. You can not live without having a job if you are not wealthy enough, so getting a desired job and working at a well reputed company is the first choice for a majority of people. Apparently, these jobs are mostly available in developed cities, not in rural areas. When looking for employment, it is going to be more challenging when exploring rural areas. When it comes to finding a job in rural areas, the lack of economic diversity means it is difficult for people to find work. In addition, it is much more difficult for the disadvantaged people to find work in rural areas compared to urban areas. Another important reason to choose cities over rural areas is that cities are more convenient. If you are living in an urban area, the problems of daily life can be solved very easily. For example, Getting daily necessities is easier, there are much more supermarkets where people can buy almost anything they want in cities, some of them are even within walking distance, which is nearly impossible in rural areas. Besides that, cinemas, fancy restaurants and different kinds of parks give people more choices to spend their leisure time. When you live in a rural area, you may not have this many choices. Other things like availability of transportation services, there are large and complex network maps of buses and trains covering almost all the surrounding suburbs of a city, which can save a lot valuable time spent by traveling with own vehicle. Subways, buses or taxies are relatively easy to access in cities as well. On the same idea, if you want to take a plane, you must go to airports, which are always in a city or suburb. Besides those factors, the access to entertainment is also relevant. Entertainment is always an important part of life. Many places like bars, clubs are easier to find in urban areas. Moreover, the life in cities is better in comparison to the life in the countryside when it comes to facilities such as medical facilities. Medical resources are definitely included in the causes that people pick urban area over rural area. For instance, there is better hospital per capita in cities. If you have any disease, there are a lot of choices, you don't have to spend a long time to find a hospital. Not to mention if an emergency circumstance happens, the instantaneity of getting an ambulance then send the injured into hospital is way faster than it could be in rural area. Of course the doctors and the facilities of hospital are better in cities. Last but not least, education. Cities are better to stay for children, because everyone wants their children to study in good schools or colleges. But this dream is difficult to fulfill while staying in the countryside. Every year, thousands of youths flock from the countryside choose to move to urban areas in order to attend colleges and universities. The reason why they came for cities is that cities often provide a much larger range of courses and opportunities for studying and advancing their career. Also, in cities, children have more opportunities to enroll in extracurricular activities. For example, dance, music, panting... and so on. When pursuing your hobbies in cities you can easily find coaches or institutes for learning these activities. Additionally, life in city is more hectic and tough due to competition. Once you have been in a tough surroundings, you can be more competitive than any other people who have never experienced that type of situation. Therefore, for education purpose, cities are better than the rural areas. To summarize the above points, living in cities is better than living in rural areas. When you are looking for overall development of your career or you eduction, or maybe for a better and secured future, living in cities is always your best choice.

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