How Is Injury Rehabilitation Managed?

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How Is Injury Rehabilitation Managed?
Rehabilitation Procedures
Rehabilitation aims to restore the injured site so that the athlete can return to practice and competition without pain, and with the same range of movement they had before the injury. •Successful rehabilitation procedures reduce the chance of injury Progressive Mobilisation

It is important to progressively introduce movement to the injured area once the RICER technique has been complete •e.g. active and passive movement
Gradually moving the area using light stretches and rotations will reduce the build-up of scar tissue and allow greater mobility in the injured part Graduated Exercise
Stretching is a vital part of any rehabilitation program •When an injury occurs muscle fibres seize and scar tissue builds up •Stretching allows the muscles to regain elasticity so that they can contract and extend without injury, reducing muscle tension, increasing circulation, increasing muscle and tendon length and increasing the range of motion •Stretches should be held for 30 seconds and be pain free •Isometric creating tension in the muscles

Static stretching
PNF stretches are the best for a rehabilitation program, the muscles surrounding an injury lose strength when they are not used •Therefore by using isometric exercises to progressively increase the muscle length is important Conditioning

The restoration of muscular strength is essential in injury rehabilitation. •Even if the area is immobilised(for example, in a cast or brace) a program should be designed to prevent muscle atrophy (wasting of muscle tissue) •As strength is slowly regained, further resistance can be applied. •It is important 
to monitor the increase in strength of both the agonist muscles and antagonist muscles; that is, both the muscle being treated, and the muscle that moves in the opposite direction. •Weights can also assist in building up muscle strength and restoring muscles to...
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