How is gender repented is ashes to ashes

Topics: Gender, Long shot, Close-up Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: February 25, 2014
How is Gender Represented in ‘Ashes to Ashes’?

The first sign of how gender is represented in Ashes to Ashes is by when in shot seven when a male hand is holding a young girls hand and making he let go of the balloon. This is significant because it show that men take control of women’s lives and control women. This is then shown by when it goes into the next shot when the camera tilts up to watch the balloon in a extreme long shot with pliantly off open space around the balloon. This represents gender in the time of ashes to ashes because the balloon is representing woman’s freedom and their sense of identity and how easily it can be lost by a result of men. After this small scene it then jumps to a medium close up of a man who is in the middle of the screen dressed a bit like a clown, this signifies to the audience that the man in this middle is the most important person in the scene and I more important that the last scene by how it just quickly jumps to him. This is then telling the audience that men are more important as they are put in the middle and that women are no where near as important as men. In then frame 16 I goes to a close up of her left eye which shows everyone that she is wearing a lot make up around her eyes, this connotes that she is wearing make up to get men’s attention and look a small bit like a prostitute. This then represents to the audience watching that during this time women wear make up to look good, so this means that they are more like objects meant to be looked at by men. The frame then goes to a medium close up of a woman on the floor so the camera is above her and then crabs round to see her get up and move out of the room. This then suggests to the audience that women are below men and not as important as she is below the camera looking up. This is then representing that women should be below men in who is in power and showing us again another sign of the time that we are in. Then in frame 19 and in most...
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