How is Charlotte and Mr. Collins’ marriage presented in this text?

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How is Charlotte and Mr. Collins’ marriage presented in this text? During the beginning of Mr. Collins and Charlotte’s relationship, Austen presented this as a ‘plan’. Here Austen shows charlotte as secretive, as if she was designing a plot. ‘Miss Lucas’s scheme’ as well as Mr. Collins ‘entreated her to name the day.’ ‘Her’ being Charlotte, this is showing how rushed and formal this wedding is. They are both eager and anxious to get married. Not only this, but social historical context was also included by saying that ‘Sir William and Lady Lucas were speedily applied.’ This presented marriage as official and very much a family decision. Austen uses a lot of satire when it comes to the marriage of Charlotte and Mr. Collins. ‘Instantly set out to meet him accidentally in the lane.’ She juxtaposed this, as ‘instantly’ and ‘accidently’ don’t go together. One cannot do something instantly without a purpose of doing so. This also illustrates to the reader that Austen was mocking Charlotte by making her seem fervent. The use of humour and ridicule exposes and criticizes Mr. Collins stupidity; particularly when he asks charlotte to marry him. ‘In a short a time as Mr. Collins’ long speeches would allow...’ this shows us that there could have been another very long winded explanation of why charlotte should marry Mr. Collins. The readers are amused by his foolish character. Also there is a more serious note along the quotation, where the omniscient narrator sates ‘...everything was settled between them to the satisfaction...’ this presents to us the more methodical manner and it’s almost as if they are settling a business deal or a cosy agreement. ‘Satisfaction’ shows that the couple are happy and content, but not joyous and no extreme feelings were presented. It brings us back to the feeling that marriage in a patriarchal society has only one ambition for most; security of their future.
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