How Indian Railways Impact the Economy

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Indian Railways has a wide network throughout the nation. With the help of this widely spread railway networks, you can reach any place of India. Both passengers and freight can be transported to anywhere of India by the help of Indian Railways. This also creates impact on the Indian Economy. This article deals with how Indian Railways impact the Economy of India or the impact of Indian Railways on the Indian economy. India is a land of diverse culture as well as religion. In different parts of India, one can find totally different tradition and cultural variations. To promote national integration and concentrate the cultural diversity, the Indian Railways plays a vital role that also fulfills the transportation needs of the country. It is true that, with this support, Indian Railways have also emerged as the major strength of the Indian economy. Distance covered by Indian Railways

Indian Railways covers total 63,140 route kilometers as on 31.3.2002, including broad gauge (total 45,099 kilometers), narrow gauge (total 3,265 kilometers) and meter gauge (total 14,776 kilometers). It is considered as the main part of the India�s transportation system. Some major statistics related to Indian Railways:

Wagons (units) - 2,16,717
number of locomotives (operating) - 7,739
Operating trains - 14,444
Daily Passengers - 8,702
Coaches - 39,236
Not only passengers, everyday, Indian Railways carry more than a million ton of freight traffic encompassing around 6,856 numbers of rail stations. Being the primary infrastructural sector of India, Railways has been developing to maintain a pace with the development of Indian economy. Though the huge investment required for the overall development of the Indian Railway system has not been fully sanctioned but due to the budgetary support it is planning to develop its infrastructural aspects. Operating Zones and Production Units

Basically, the Indian Railway system is operated through several zones and other operating...
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