How Important Were Lloyd George

Topics: United Kingdom, Irish Republican Army, David Lloyd George Pages: 2 (878 words) Published: December 14, 2014
How important were Lloyd George’s own mistakes in explaining his fall from office in 1922? In 1918, David Lloyd George had appeared to be an influential character within British politics. Lloyd George wanted to make post-war changes, including building a ‘Land Fit for Heroes’. He had many successes after the war, such as introducing the War Widows Pension and also an extension of the National Insurance Act which covered the rising unemployment rates. However, many of Lloyd Georges plans were not fully carried out and many of those plans were poorly decided upon, and definitely contributed to his fall from office in 1922. Lloyd George’s plans were domestic and international. He had appeared to be a dominant statesman demonstrated in international conferences up until 1922. A lot of Lloyd George’s policies were incredibly criticised. Examples include that some Conservatives believed that the Treaty of Versailles was far too lenient on Germany after the war and that plans to intervene with Russia had failed. One of the key issues that contributed widely to Lloyd George’s fall from office – the Chanak incident. Lloyd George had deployed British Troops to obstruct the Turkish forces capturing Chanak, single-handedly ordering them before discussing action plan with his coalition partners. This damaged Lloyd George’s credibility at a vital time and had lost many supporters.

Another international issue is the creation of the Irish Free State. Ireland wanted to break away from the United Kingdom since the issue of Irish Home Rule and would therefore be associated with international policies. Ireland had the rise of the Irish Republican Army, alongside Sinn Fein, causing escalated violence across Ireland and an Anglo-Irish conflict that lasted until 1921. This was a very controversial topic as Lloyd George had failed to keep any political party happy from the actions he was taking. He had tried to compromise with repression and reform by introducing the Black and...
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