How Important Was the Wall Street Crash

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Paul von Hindenburg, Nazi Party Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: July 7, 2013
The Wall Street Crash was the main reason Hitler got into power. Do you agree? Even before the Great War, Hitler had an extremist mind set about politics and the world around him. He carried this dream until he joined the German workers party (Nazi party); from this point on, he used the Nazi party to reach the position of chancellor within the Reichstag. Through the use of the idealistic policies of the Nazi party, and using global economic climate and world affairs to finally reach the position in 1933. Many factors contributed to the “rise of Hitler”! Over a course of 10 years, Nazi policies had dug deep into the opinions of the nation, and global economic downturns (The Wall Street Crash) simply reinforced those opinions and attitudes further.

The Wall Street crash in 1929 was a crucial turning point in Hitler’s political campaign! At this point, the Nazi party was the larger in the Reich, and growing. People were beginning to see the political and economic success of the Nazi party being in power. The Wall Street Crash left Germany in a much worse state compared to the rest of the western world. Because of war reparations for losing World War One, German industrial contribution to the Economy was only just able to pay the allies at the current rate of repayments. Most privately owned businesses in Germany were funded through American loans. Because the entire American stock market had collapsed, American banks had no option but to withdraw their loans to the German companies! Because most companies could not survive without the bank loans; these companies very quickly went bankrupt! As businesses became bankrupt; hundreds of thousands of people were left unemployed. As people were left redundant, only few of them were able to buy luxuries that they might want; instead of what they might needed. So businesses left after the Wall Street Crash would soon become bankrupt as well, because they simply could not up hold enough profit to survive. So the hundreds...
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