How Important Are Men's Issues and Movements

Topics: Parent, Gender, Male Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: September 26, 2013

“How Important Are Men’s Issues and Men’s Movements?”

Just as women stand up for their rights, men should be able to act out in the same way. What feminists want are equal rights for all. So if men believe they aren’t being treated equal, then they should have every right to speak out and raise awareness just as women have done in the past and continue to do today. Men are really fighting for rights that every human being would want. They are raising awareness about equality, parenting, race, male sex abusive survivors, battered men, men’s health, gay rights and much more. In my opinion, all of these issues are legitimate reasons to raise awareness to the general public. Also, I believe them to be as equally as compelling to that of women’s problems and oppressions. They are fighting for some very similar issues and they approach them in somewhat of a similar way. I personally do not know of any men that identify with these groups that participate in men’s movements. However, learning about the different organizations broadened my awareness of the problems that men are facing today. NCFM, the National Coalition for Men is an organization that addresses many different issues concerning men and also boys. They believe that men need a unified voice, which is exactly what women also wanted when the feminist’s waves began. This organization has created many different conferences and diverse activities over the years. NCFM has also been involved with radio and television. Being involved with these multiple forms of activism really has raised awareness of the issues men face. NCFM is made up of men and women, which I think is outstanding. It’s wonderful to see both sexes standing up for what is right in way that doesn’t put either gender down. ACFC, American Coalition for Fathers and Children is America’s shared parenting organization. Their motto is “children need both parents.” ACFC’s main goal is to make sure that children have a full relationship with each...

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